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What is rheology? Its effects are all around us. Whenever materials flow, change, move, this has to do with rheology. Rheology is the science of materials’ flow behavior and deformation. There are three essential factors which have to be considered when a material flows or is deformed, namely the material’s inner structure, the outside forces that stress the material and the ambient conditions.

The “World of Rheology” by Anton Paar is a scientific platform to provide insights into the fascinating world of rheology and rheometry. It is targeted at illustrating the possibilities and advantages of investigating and determining materials’ rheological properties with a rheometer.

We seek to provide answers and expert knowledge with the help of our global Anton Paar network and to globally offer seminars and webinars via the Anton Paar Academy. Our virtual expert Joe Flow is responsible for the educational aspect; he is featured in eLearning courses as well as “tips and tricks” articles.

The “World of Rheology” is a vivid platform dedicated to education as well as communication and knowledge exchange that is constantly developing and growing with new content on rheology.

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